(To the tune of Do Your Ears Hang Low?)

Is your kale real stale?
Is it lookin' kinda pale?
Do your beans and peas
have a hairy green disease?
Did your peaches travel far
Just to get to where you are?
Not if you got them from a farm!

Is your cauliflower stinky
if you poke it with your pinky?
Does your off-the-shelf tomato
look more like a rutabaga?
Did your maraschino cherries
start their trip in Buenos Aires?
Not if you got them from a farm!

Is that ear of corn
looking just a tad forlorn?
Is that yellow squash
looking like it lacks panache?
Are your lima beans
tough enough to be marines?
Not if you got them from a farm!

If you eat bok choi
have you got the real mccoy?
Have your cukes and leeks
languished on a shelf for weeks?
Do you have some major doubts
about your bag of brussel sprouts?
Not if you got 'em from a farm!

If you like your melons sweet,
And your beets a treat to eat,
If you think berries by the quart
shouldn't need their own passport....
Be sure to buy them from your neighbor,
They'll be fresh and full of flavor.
Always get 'em from a farm!


Lyrics by Conni Leigh James, ©2006




 C 2006 Agricultural Development Commission | Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland